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Kelley Hagenbuch, D.C.

"The Master-Herbalist program has been a great way for me to learn something that started as a mild interest and then developed into a wild passion.  The detailed information about biochemical pathways and physiological functions makes herbal therapy come alive, even for a seasoned, health-care practitioner.  All in all, it has made an enormous subject attainable and understandable."

Mary Schmidt 

“When I first received the information about MWSHS, I knew at that moment that I would become a student. The structure was just what I was looking for. My ten-year, self-directed study of medicinal herbs had been a
fascinating journey up till then, but was badly in need of organization. Thus far, MWSHS is greatly satisfying that need.

Herbalism satisfies many of the personal needs I have for body, mind
and spirit, while the enrichment of growth that comes from learning and
studying makes life so interesting and so worth living. Not only that, but with the decline of the effectiveness of antibiotics and the horrible diet that our culture is embracing, there will be a need for folks who understand what the body needs and how to get it. On an even simpler level, just being able to understand what will keep my family and myself healthy is a huge reward!.”

Seth Wasmoen

“I grew up in the Black Hills and had parents who had a great deal of respect for nature. So, from a young age, I enjoyed spending time in the wild. Now, many years later, MWSHS’ coursework has allowed me to remember how we are all related–that this relationship I share with the universe is dynamic and that plants are an integral part of it. I feel I have finally found something truly meaningful, as I’ve come to appreciate that what I’m learning and experiencing will allow me to aid both the environment and my fellow man.”

Sandy Aliperto

"My interest in learning about herbs was initially derived from my love of gardening. I began planting vegetables and herbs I'd never heard of before and my curiosity to learn more about them led me to attend a lecture by the director of the Midwest School of Herbal Studies, which really catalyzed my interest!  My friends and family began noticing my passion for utilizing herbs nutritionally in the food I made every day and for my own medicine. They even began asking me how to identify particular herbs on their property that they could take for their various complaints. However, I realized that I still had a lot to learn and so I enrolled as a student in the Master-Herbalist program offered by the Midwest School of Herbal Studies. Right now I am studying Course 4, Part 2 and am so excited to be adding to my knowledge and understanding of herbs as I progress through each course!  As more and more people continue to make the choice for a healthier lifestyle, I can see that the demand for the type of knowledge that I am acquiring will continue to grow!"

Jan Burton
 “I have always loved the solitude, excitement, and beauty of the natural
world, dragging my plant books and diaries with me on camping trips and hikes, lagging far behind my family in my detective-like pursuit of plant
identification. Now, as an MWSHS student, I can explore the natural world to my heart’s content and call it ‘homework!’”

I especially appreciate the flexibility that allows me to study at my convenience and pace, yet still provides a deadline to keep me focused upon the goal of completion. Finally, I appreciate the speedy and personalized e-mail replies to my questions. This is a very rare feature today when so little emphasis is placed upon customer service or satisfaction!”