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Master-Herbalist (M.H.) Diploma Program

(in Four Modules)

     We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to purchase the textbook (300 Herbs), the auxiliary textbook (Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants), and individual modules (1-4, below) of the M.H. program separately, so that you may "pay as you go," instead of needing to fund the entire Program at once. (Module One is even able to be purchased in segments, as described below.) That being said, modules 1-3 must be ordered in numerical order. (Module 4, the Thesis package, may be ordered at any time, however.) To read in detail about what each module contains, please click on the "Programs" link in the menu to the left.

     You have 30 days to examine the materials and decide whether to keep them or to return them unused (and with no lessons submitted) for a full refund.

     Postage charges are processed through PayPal™ and will include $24.50 for Module 1 ($7.50 for Parts 1&2, $12.00 for Part 3, and $5.00 for Parts 4&5), $5.00 for each of the other Modules, and $5.00 for each of the Textbooks. (If all four modules are ordered at once, the total charge for that parcel will only be $28.50, however.) Sales tax of 7.125% is automatically added to any order requested to be shipped to a Minnesota address. Please note that we will not ship to an address outside of the USA or Canada.

     Please allow 30 days to receive shipments of any of our materials.

NOTE: "Module 1," below, can be taken simply as a stand-alone "Western-Herbalism Certificate Program," instead of as the first part of the M.H. Diploma Program. This is per the student's choice (made anytime during his/her study of the Western Herbalism material). (In other words, the student can decide either to terminate studies with Western Herbalism or go on to study Asian Herbalism, etc. and finish the balance of the Master-Herbalist Program material. Either way, the student receives a certificate upon grade-worthy completion of the coursework and the exam for the Western Herbalism material.)


Textbook: 300 Herbs [Materia Medica & Repertory] (Required for modules 1-4 of the Master-Herbalist Diploma Program & for the stand-alone Western-Herbalist Certificate Program) Oversize softcover, 216pp., authored by MWSHS director Matthew Alfs



Auxiliary Textbook: Edible & Medicinal   Wild Plants of the Midwest

           (Not required, but helpful, as it contains 48 glossy plates of 171 photos of

            100 edible/medicinal wild plants, while the text consists of 100

            monographs on individual plants, meticulously detailing their use in the

            American tradition--the Native-American, folk-medicinal, Physio-

            medicalist, Eclectic, and the author's) Oversize softcover, 422pp.,

            authored by MWSHS director Matthew Alfs

           Currently out of stock. Expected Back in Stock in 2019.



    Order Textbook(s) Above

Order M.H. Coursework Modules Below




Module #1: Western Herbalism                      (42 credits)  [1200pp of Workbooks + audio on CDs]

        (Note: Alternately, this can be taken as a stand-alone "Western Herbalism

         Certificate Program," per the student's decision [made anytime during

         his/her studies]. See above for more information.




                Part 1 (Foundations of Western Herbalism [incl. Holistic Assessment Skills]

                Part 2 (Botany, Nutrition, Phytochemistry, & Forms of Herbal Therapy)


                Part 3 (Modern Western Herbalism)


                Part 4 (Herbal Contraindications [Pregnancy, Lactation, & Drugs])        

                Part 5 (Case Analysis & Healing Strategies [incl. Formulation])


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Module #2: Asian Herbalism

           (12 credits) [148pp Workbook]

           (Prerequisite: Purchase of Module #1)


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Module #3: Integrative Herbalism 

         (4 credits)  [48pp Workbook]

           (Prerequisites: Purchase of Modules #1 and #2)  



Module #4 Thesis

           (6 credits)

           [Folder, Including Instructions & Guide]